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How Can Trend Micro Endpoint Security Prevent You from Being Crypto jacked?

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Hey! Have you met the latest tech threat? The danger I am talking about is ‘Crypto jacking’. If yes, then contact the reliable Trend Micro Support experts as soon as possible. The reliable professionals will help you to get rid of the same without any hassle. In case, your answer is ‘no’ then to prevent it from turning into ‘yes’, you must go through this blog.

This article by the knowledgeable Trend Micro Technical Support professionals will offer quite good info about Crypto jacking. Moreover, it will also make you aware with the effective features of Trend Micro Endpoint Security that support complete protection of your PC.

Crypto Jacking

It is a malware program that the cybercriminals design and use to take over your computer’s power resources & utilize it for cryptocurrency mining. As per Trend Micro Support experts, all these acts are done in an illegal manner without the users’ permission. In short, Crypto Jacking refers to the unlawful use of victims’ PC to mine cryptocurrency.

Ways hacker use to perform Crypto Jacking

Trend Micro Support experts say that the online attackers like hackers, scammers, or others can do it in the number of ways by:

  • Making the user click malicious links that result in loading the crypto mining code on the PC
  • Infecting the online ads or websites that auto-executes themselves when entering into the victims’ browsers.

In previous times, the hackers are using crypto mining but not as much as now. Today, the cybercriminals love this way of harnessing the processing power of PCs that aid them in generating revenue. The recent report by Trend Micro Technical Support experts reveals a threatening fact. The detail includes that one cryptocurrency mining attack can provide the cybercriminals with more than $ 30,000 / month. For additional help, contact the knowledgeable Trend Micro Support mavens any time whenever you want.

Methods to stay safe from Crypto Jacking

First of all, install the excellent Trend Micro Endpoint Security Software on your device. There is a solid reason behind why the technical support experts suggest having this program. The reason includes ideas such as the endpoint security:

  • Incorporates many latest features like anti-exploit, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, and anti-malware that ensure complete protection
  • Prevent you, your kids, and other family members from visiting the infectious websites
  • Prevent downloading, installing, and running of crypto mining malware
  • Offer warning that creates awareness when the threats arise
  • Block browser and system exploits

As per Trend Micro Support experts, the software can even help you to get back your device in the same way it was proper to be the victim.

The devices with Trend Micro Endpoint Security can remain safe against all types of crypto mining malware. Let’s have a look at some brilliant features of this software that as per technical support experts acts as the good protector. The program includes:

Firewall Booster: This tool performs by joining hands with Windows Firewall. Being together, the components provide strong anti0-botnet security. With it, the program owns the caliber of notifying you whenever detects a threat.

Web Threat Protection: This is a smart tool that warns the users about susceptible or bad URLs. Such links can exist in emails, on social media sites, other websites. WTP is so smart that it offers a prior information about almost all kinds of websites. It will prevent you from visiting the website with the bad reputation. Apart, if the website is having a good reputation but containing any kind of hidden crypto miner, then the WTP will prevent the running of the threat.

Script Analyzer Line-up: It deals in protecting your browser from the entrance of suspicious scripts.

Anti-spam Toolbar: It prevents emails containing phishing messages or crypto miming links from approaching your inbox.

Real-time Scanning: It supports protecting you from zero-day cyber-attacks and providing the clear warning if it detects any suspicious file. This feature of Trend Micro Endpoint Security also supports instant detecting of local crypto miners.

This is all that the Trend Micro Endpoint Security holds. All these features are sufficient to keep you safe from hackers trying to execute crypto mining. For more information about this danger or the security suite, contact Trend Micro Support experts. The professionals are also there to help you if you face glitches in installing or using the protection product. With it, the engineers also aid you to remove the malware file that you receive on scanning your device. So, call Trend Micro Support Number – 1800 83 24 24 experts anytime. The professionals are always (24x7) there to support you in cleaning up your PC & getting it in the manner it was before fronting infections.


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